The New Era of


Sleek, multi-fuel and portable.
Making you restaurant quality pizza, whenever you want it.

Hot pizza to your plate in no time.

The Next Generation of Pizza Ovens.

Looking for restaurant-quality pizza in the comfort of your own home? You will be able to prepare your favorite pizza whenever and wherever you want it.

This next-generation pizza oven was built from over 10 years of expertise. We can assure the end result creates the best pizza you’ve ever tasted.

Remember the name, ‘The Ventura Speziale’, as it’ll be the only pizza oven you need. Reaching highs of 932°F (500°C), this compact, portable, multi-fuel oven can be used by anyone.

German Design


Cook with Gas or Pellet Burner

Both included

Watch the oven heat up in minutes, ready to make exquisite pizza. The choice of using the gas or pellet burner allows you to cook to your requirements. With both included, there’s always a choice.

Take it Everywhere You Go

Light and portable.

Weighing only 26.4 lbs (12kg), the Ventura Speziale can follow you everywhere you go. The compact design has a removable chimney, making it easy to carry anywhere. Whether it’s for camping or a grill party, you can rely on this trusty pizza oven to be there.

Temperatures Reaching 932 °F / 500 °C 

The perfect heat for high-quality pizza.

Reaching the right temperature is vital for a well-cooked pizza. Following the same standards as Italian restaurants, you’ll make pizza to perfection. The thermometer on the oven shows you how hot it is, ensuring you know when it’s ready for your pizza.

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It’s time for you to make real pizza from the comfort of your own home. Fast, easy, and affordable, what more could you want? 

Your phenomenal pizza will be ready in no time, with the Ventura Speziale reaching high temperatures within 25 minutes. Before you know it, you’ll have the perfect baked pizza on the table ready to serve.

Name the location and you can have your pizza made there. Everyone will look forward to your arrival, knowing you’re bringing your pizza oven with you. Whether it’s for camping, a party, or your own enjoyment, you can use it any time.

Pizza from Ventura speziale

Experience your taste buds explode when you take a bite of your first homemade pizza. Cooked through to the ideal thick crust, you’ll never want to go out and buy a pizza again.

To bake a truly phenomenal pizza, you need very high heat energy. The Ventura Speziale reaches 932 °F (500 °C) in 25 minutes!

You can make your pizza at any location without difficulties. You decide.

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Want to be the first to know when the Ventura Speziale is available on Indiegogo? Join our waiting list to receive 15% OFF.

The Speziale FAQ

We will launch this month on Indiegogo. More information you will get from our super cool waiting list.  

The Vetura Speziale pizza oven is affordable for everyone. Promised. The Price will be below 430 $. On top, you can get a discount up to 25%. For more information join the waiting list.

Europe and of course the United States of America.

We will ship this great pizza oven already in May.

For more information you can contact us via e-mail: